Organic Fly Chaser

Houseflies are always attracted when human food is under preparation or ready to serve. It is a time when chemical insecticide cannot be sprayed and UV light traps are less attractive inside a well-lit dining or kitchen environment. To avoid dining or cooking with these filthy insects, read the paragraph below carefully.

Unleash the aromatic molecules of Organic Fly Chaser into the ambient air. These airborne aromatic molecules are highly repulsive to arthropods. Food flies take immediate evasive action as soon as the aromatic molecules are allowed to roam the air. Let the aromatic molecules roam the air freely and purge all food flies coming to share your food. Letís dine without the harassment from food flies.

Organic Fly Chaser is a clear, colourless and aromatic liquid. It is safe to be used anywhere including food storage or preparation areas.

Organic Fly Chaser contains neither active chemical pesticide as active ingredient nor toxic or volatile hazardous solvents as inert ingredients. It is food-safe. Once unleashed, a faint but aromatic scent fills the air.

Instructions on unleashing arthropod-repulsive molecules
An essential oil burner is often sufficient to unleash the arthropod-repulsive molecules from Organic Fly Chaser

In the case of huge spaces or places where naked lights are frown upon, a mini-fumigator would become necessary. For more information of the mini-fumigator, email us at

When using a oil burner
1. Fill up the cavity with the clear liquid of Organic Fly Chaser
2. Light up the wax candle
3. Beware! Do not leave burning candles unattended

When using a mini-fumigator
1. Fill up the clear canister with Organic Fly Chaser liquid
2. Switch on the mains
3. Press the red button once
4. Enjoy 45 minutes of continuous aromatic molecules unleashed from Organic Fly Chaser liquid

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