Why are they keep coming back?
Bedbugs are known to make several comebacks despite after repeated chemical pesticides treatments. The truth has never and will never be made known to consumers in this country that forked out hundreds of dollars in hope to get the problem eradicated.

Chemical pesticide applicators claimed to fumigate the bedbugs infested houses, actually they merely thermal fogged the premises with very minute amount of chemical pesticides plus plenty of “inert ingredients”. “Inert ingredients” often come in the form of aromatic hydrocarbon, these substances are extremely toxic to human beings. Diesel are added to further dilute the pesticide as well as to generate visible smoke. They do not have any insecticidal properties but are actually more harmful to humans than to bedbugs.

Fumigation, is a favourite verb used by the chemical pesticide applicators frequently to confuse consumers in our country nowadays. Actually, fumigation used methyl bromide in the past has been a wonderful process to exterminate all living life forms that existed in human premises. Methyl bromide is a volatile fumigant which is extremely toxic and environmental damaging. However, fumigation has become a term of the past, together with the implement of a total ban on the use of Methyl Bromide worldwide several decades ago. Nowadays, methyl bromide fumigation is limited to off shore marine vessels in developing countries only. Their use would be totally phased out in the few years to come.

The very diluted chemical pesticide sprayed may kill some adult bedbugs swiftly, to the layman the treatment is considered successful. As a matter of fact, a can of aerosol pesticide can do the same job. (Aerosol is made up by fully or partially by butene/propane and is also harmful to human when inhaled) What every killed adult bedbug left behind are several hundreds or thousands of unhatched eggs. In times to come these eggs would hatch and cause havoc all over again.

Consumers must now aware that what they are getting from fumigation companies for hundreds of dollars are just very little chemical pesticide with plenty of harmful aromatic hydrocarbons and diesel serving as dilutant and a guarantee that bedbugs will return soon in the coming future.

The only way to do eradicate bedbugs is to spray pesticides with long residue effects over areas suspected of bedbug activities. Another problem arises, however, is the constant contact between human living in the premises and the treated surfaces. More chemical pesticides are going to be absorbed by human who may have touch the treated surfaces more frequently than the bedbugs. The adverse effects of exposure to chemical pesticides were well documented and would not be discussed here. Daily cleansing and other activities would further weaken the long residue treatment.

Our solution~DIY Savilo Potion 3 "Bedbug pesticide" kills bedbugs mechanically and not by the acetylchlolinesterase inhibiting mode employed by most organophosphate pesticides that is widely used in this country.

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